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Product Name:HXD3B High Power AC Drive Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

HXD3B electric locomotive is a high power AC eclectic passenger and freight locomotive with six axles and its power is 9600kW. It is the highest single-axis power passenger and freight locomotive in domestic and international ever since.
Performance Parameters:
Model: HXD3B
Application: Main line freight transport
Track gauge: 1435mm
Transmission system: AC-DC-AC
Axle arrangement: Co-Co
Wheel diameter: 1250(new);1200(half worn);1150 (whole worn)                           Axle load: 25t
 Loco Mass: 150t
Min. negotiable curve radius: 125m
                   Max. speed: 120km/h
                  Continuous speed: 68.2km/h
              starting tractive effort: 570kN
                 Continuous tractive effort: 506kN
   constant power speed range: 68.2km/h~120km/h
                     Electric brake mode: regeneration brake
     Brake power: 9600kW(72km/h~120km/h)
        Max. brake force:480kN(5km/h~72km/h)
                     Max. brake distance: ≤1100m  
                Length over coupler centers: 22781mm 
                     Bogie wheel base: 2×1950mm
         Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 22781×2950×4250 mm 
Characteristic Curve:
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