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Product Name:CKD8G and CKD8H Diesel Electric Locomotive for Argentina 
Product Description:

There are 20 sets locomotives in total procured by Argentina. CKD8G and CKD8H are used for hauling passenger transportation and all locos had been shipped to Argentina in May, 2013.
Performance Parameters:
Model:                                   CKD8G/CKD8H
Application:                               Passenger traction on main line
Track gauge:                              1676mm
Locomotive clearance:                     Conform to Argentina standard -NEFA 604
Transmission mode:                       AC-DC transmission
Axle arrangement:                         C0-C0
Axle load:                                 20±3 % t
Locomotive weight:                        120±3 % t
Max. speed:                               120 km/h(CKD8G)
                                                   160 km/h(CKD8H)
Continuous speed
(calculated as per the half worn wheel diameter 1015mm):    22.4 km/h(CKD8G)
                                                                                           39.8 km/h(CKD8H)
Starting tractive effort:                                    384 kN(CKD8G)
                                                                       242.4 kN(CKD8H)
Continuous tractive effort:                                 268 kN(CKD8G)
                                                                        150.6 kN(CKD8H)
Diesel engine type:                                       MTU 16V 4000R43
Engine rated power:                                      1860kW
Main alternator model:                                    JF219C
Bogie wheel base:                                       1800mm(CKD8G)
Traction motor type:                                      ZD106AX1
Max. braking force of dynamic brake                        194kN
Overall dimensions:                                       19860×3100×4210
Characteristic Curve:



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