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Product Name:CKD7C Diesel Locomotives for Congo (K) 
Product Description:

CKD7C type diesel locomotive is designed for Congo (K) mainly used on main lines or transfer operation as the important product to expand African railway market. This locomotive is equipped with a well-proven and reliable power propulsion system composed of Caterpillar CAT3512B electric injection diesel engine, JF205H main alternator and the ZQDR310 traction motor, etc. and the propulsion system has been defined as one of the standard pattern for exporting locomotives. Furthermore, a kind of new Co bogie for narrow gauge has been self-developed according to the gauge feature of the Africa which adapted to the R80m radius curve negotiation requirement. The maximum speed of the locomotive is 100km/h, the power rating of the diesel engine is 1340kW (1800HP). The locomotive has functions of double-heading and dynamic brake.
Performance Parameters:
Locomotive model                        CKD7C
Application                               Mixed traffic on main lines
Track gauge                              1,067mm
Clearance                                comply with Congo (K) standard
Transmission                              AC/DC electric transmission
Wheel arrangement                        Co-Co
Wheel diameter                           950mm
Axle load                                 15±3%t
Minimum curve negotiation radius            80m
Max. Service speed                        100 km/h
Continuous speed                         14.3km/h
Max. Starting tractive effort                  288kN
Diesel engine model                       CAT 3512B
Power rating                              1,340 kW
Main alternator model                      JF205H
Silicon rectifier model                      GTF5070/1250
Traction motor model                      ZQDR310
Dynamic brake                          8F0D12000000
Bogie wheel base                         1650X1650mm
Overall dimension (Length×width×height)      16000X2950X3900mm
Characteristic Curve:



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