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Product Name:HXD3D Express Passenger Electric Locomotive on Main Lines 
Product Description:

HXD3D Electric Locomotive (“Hexie” Electric 3D type) is developed and manufactured by DLRC as a 6-axle passenger AC drive electric locomotive used on main lines. HXD3D is one of the passenger trains with the highest power, its design speed is 200km/h, the maximum continuous service speed is 160km/h and the power is 7200kw. The application of HXD3D electric locomotive is expected to ease the tension in railway operation of quasi-high speed locomotives, and that fills a gap in China mainland about the actual quasi-high speed application of high power AC locomotives. This locomotive is still under test currently.
Performance Parameters:
Model: HXD3D
Application: express passenger electric locomotive on main lines
Track gauge:1435 mm
Transmission mode: AC-DC-AC transmission
Axle arrangement:  Co-Co
Wheel diameter: 1250mm (New) 1200mm (Half worn) 1150mm (Full worn)
Axle load: 21t
Locomotive weight: 126t
Min. negotiable curve radius: 125m
Max. speed: 160km/h
Continuous speed: 80km/h
Starting tractive effort: 420kN
Continuous tractive effort: 324kN
Constant power speed range: 80km/h~160km/h
Electric braking mode: Regenerative brake
Electric braking power: 7200kW
Max. electric braking force: 250kN
Max. braking distance: 1100m
Power supply rated output power: 2×400kW
Power supply rated DC output voltage: 600V
Length over coupler centers: 22989
Bogie wheel base:  2350+2000mm
Overall dimensions:  22989×3100×4100mm 
Characteristic Curve:



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